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Your support can transform the way we prevent, detect and treat skin cancer.

Last year’s funds supported three Seed Grants for skin cancer researchers who sought to develop new strategies for prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer. Walk funds also helped support educational programs in the community, increased education at Tucson schools through Project SASS (Students are Sun Safe), and extended our ‘Protect Your Skin’ program across Arizona. You, too, can help spread the sun-safe message! Find out how to purchase the Protect Your Skin kit for your company or organization!

Donate Today »I want to make a difference and fight melanoma today!

All tax deductible donations can have an impact…

  • $250 supports community presentations about skin cancer and how to prevent it
  • $500 prints 1,000 educational brochures to reach the community
  • $750 produces 1,000 activity books to educate young children about the dangers of the sun
  • $1,000 buys 20 gallons of sunscreen to protect Tucsonans at outdoor events
  • $2,500 supports community outreach events that increase awareness of the Institute and skin cancer
  • $3,000 makes a campaign for the UA campus community a reality
  • $5,000 funds seed grants that advance skin cancer research
  • $7,500 supports community-wide educational campaigns
  • $10,000 enables an employer to provide skin cancer screenings and education to their work force
  • $15,000 expands classroom-based sun safety outreach to Tucson area middle and high school students
  • $20,000 supports the testing of new drugs to identify effective melanoma treatments
  • $25,000 funds research that helps us understand what triggers melanoma and how it spreads
  • $50,000 expands tissue bank and patient registry that will advance skin cancer research

The Skin Cancer Institute at the Arizona Cancer Center is the only skin cancer organization of its kind that unites patient care, research, outreach and education into one coordinated entity. We operate purely on grants and donations from members of the community like you. We truly appreciate your support!

Donate Today »I want to make a difference and fight melanoma today!

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